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Guesthouse, hotel, flat rental in Karakol

We proud to offer the best accommodation in Karakol. We regularly inspect the accommodation we list below, updating our knowledge on existing properties and researching new alternatives for all kind of tourists, visitors, aplinists and backpackers to suit all budgets and tastes.

Hotels in Karakol - small buildings of two-three floors with wide range of rooms with different level of comfort (economy, standart, lux classes are available) situated in different parts of Karakol town. Rooms usually have private shower and toilet, breakfasts included, lunch and dinner ordered by menu in hotel's cafe.

Guesthouse in Karakol - it's a private home converted for the exclusive use of guest accommodation. All owners of these Karakol houses are very friendly and all guests are diving into the national Kyrgyz culture choosing this type of bed and breakfast. Main difference between guesthouses and hotels in Karakol is the shower and toilets location. Guesthouses provide a few service rooms for the whole house, but all other conditions are the similar to hotels. Living in the guesthouse in Karakol you have a great chance to taste all delicious dishes of the national kitchen, cooked by family stuff, or even take part in this cooking.

With a huge range of guesthouses, Karakol offers also hotels, flats and hostels. Karakol hotels range varies from cheap economy class to the high luxury rooms. For those who want to rent a flat in Karakol - you are in right place, from one room flat to three rooms ones. There are a few hostels in Karakol, this type of accommodation is new for this area, but fast growing.

28/1 Gagarina street
Karakol town
Issyk-Kul region
722360, Kyrgyzstan

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