Kel-Suu Lake, Kyrgyzstan guide van drive tour by car route to lake Kol-Suu

Amazing Kol Suu Lake in Kyrgyzstan mountains

If you are searching for a driver or guide to go to Kol-Suu Lake (a beautiful alpine lake in At-Bashi District, Naryn Province, southeastern part of Kyrgyzstan) you are at the right page!

One of the most beautiful lakes in the Central Asia - Köl-Suu Lake (Kolsuu or Kel-Suu) is attracting tourists with it's wildness, beauty, gorgeous coastal cliffs and remoteness from civilization.

We have various different types of tours to this unique place, but one example would be to arrive at Manas International Airport where our driver and guide will meet you and provided a guided tour to Kel-Suu Lake for a few days. As well as this you can visit famous places like Burana Tower (ancient minaret 11th century), an open air museum of Balbans (stone warriors), Son-Kul Lake (another attractive point in Kyrgyztsan at 3010m altitude), Kochkor valley, At-Bashy village, Tash-Rabat ancient caravanserai.

On the way back you can take route from Köl-Suu Lake to the most famous Issyk-Kul Lake - the main lake of Kyrgyz Republic, the pearl of Tien-Shan. There is a good road between these lakes, but you can also choose other, more interesting, ways through the wild mountains and Tosor passage to Kaji-Say village on Issyk-Kul lakeshore.

If you plan to visit Köl-Suu Lake, you will need a border permit, because this remote area is close to the border of China. We can help you to obtain this permit in advance before you start your travel. The time required to receive a border permit issue by the Border Guard Department is usually one month, so please plan your travel carefully. Contact us if you would like more information.

For this kind of adventure and tour, please be ready for overnight stays in tents if you plan to spend a few days near Köl-Suu Lake. A Yurt camp is organized during the summer time, based in the beautiful valley downstream from the lake. Horseback short trips possible also.

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